samedi 23 juillet 2011

The suggested plan ..

The suggested plan

I-          What is Speaking, in the context of the communicative Language Teaching of English Language Teaching?
II-       What is more important: to want to speak or to speak accurately?
1- Why do students have to speak?
2- When do students have to speak?
3- How do students speak? What is of more importance: an error-free speech? Or to get students motivated to speak?
a-  What is an error free-speech? (Accuracy)
b- Obstacles to Speaking.
c-  Motivating students to speak is more important than talking accurately.
          c-1. Definition of Motivation.
          c-2. Types of Motivation.
          c-3. How to motivate students to speak?
 c-3-1. During the lesson procedure.
 c-3-2. Classroom management (pair/group work)
 c-3-3. Types of activities used to motivate pupils: Ø Stirrers.
                                                                               Ø Games.
                                                                               Ø Experience- based tasks.
                 c-3-4. Competition.
                 c-3-5. Role of the teacher.
                 c-3-6. Classroom conditions.
III-    Is it to totally sacrifice / ignore accuracy of speech?
1-Accuracy of speech is as important as its fluency for effective learning to take place.
2-How and when to look for accuracy in a way that does not demotivate students to speak?

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